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Educate. Advocate. Empower.

Founded in 2018, Battick Legal Advisory is deeply rooted in Ontario's legal ecosystem, specializing in a multidisciplinary approach that intersects the educational, public, and employment sectors. Our firm is committed to helping navigate complex human rights issues, and serve a diverse client base that spans from individual students and educators to public institutions and private organizations.


Driven by core values of Justice, Courage, Integrity, and Compassion, we aim for more than just legal successes. We pursue impactful, client-focused outcomes and stay connected to the community through partnerships with grassroots organizations. This allows us to stay attuned to both social needs and evolving legal landscapes. You can trust Battick Legal Advisory to deliver a comprehensive and empathetic approach to your legal challenges.

Practice Areas


Education Law

Supporting all stakeholders in education systems with diverse legal advice, including guidance and representation on constitutional, criminal, administrative, contractual, employment, regulatory, governance, and human rights matters.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

When traditional litigation proves to be neither efficient nor practical, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques offer an effective pathway to resolve disputes. Battick Legal Advisory is experienced in a range of ADR methods, allowing for tailored solutions to each unique case. We specialize in mediation and arbitration, as well as other methods.

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Human Rights

We support individuals who are challenged by discrimination on any of the protected grounds in Ontario’s Human Rights Code and also advise and defend businesses in human rights-related litigation by providing advice on their rights and obligations.

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Workplace Investigations

We support schools, universities and colleges that require investigations into conduct when there is credible information of significant wrongdoing, misconduct or ethical lapses.

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CARE Student

CARE Student Advocacy offers support to parents or guardians of students who need assistance with formal communications with schools. This non-legal service is offered by education professionals with decades of experience working and advocating in Ontario's education system.

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