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Practice Areas

Battick Legal Advisory is focused on education law and supports this core capability with expertise in related areas of law including youth criminal justice and human rights. We take a holistic approach to considering the situation and needs of our clients and provide tailored advice and support that leverages our diverse knowledge on these topics.


In addition to our core expertise, we are experienced in other legal services and advisory, including landlord and tenant law, and providing notary public and document review services. Our door is always open. Please reach out to us anytime for engagement directly related to our scopes of expertise, or for guidance on finding the legal services that will address your needs.


Education Law 

Supporting all stakeholders in education systems with diverse legal advice, including guidance and representation on constitutional, criminal, administrative, contractual, employment, regulatory, governance, and human rights matters.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

When traditional litigation proves to be neither efficient nor practical, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques offer an effective pathway to resolve disputes. Battick Legal Advisory is experienced in a range of ADR methods, allowing for tailored solutions to each unique case.


Human Rights

We support individuals who are challenged by discrimination on any of the protected grounds in Ontario’s Human Rights Code and also advise and defend businesses in human rights-related litigation by providing advice on their rights and obligations.

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Notary Public

As a notary public, we are able to draw, attest or certify under our official seal, deeds and other documents including will, powers of attorney and other conveyances.

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Workplace Investigations

Battick Legal Advisory provides third-party investigation into potential or ongoing workplace issues with the goal of coming to a conclusion of facts. 

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Youth Criminal Justice

Battick Legal Advisory supports, advises, and represents youth who get into trouble with the law at school, or in circumstances related to school with expert knowledge of Canada’s Youth Criminal Justice Act.


Landlord & Tenant Law

The relationship between landlord and tenant is binding, and thus should involve experienced, learned, legal advice. Battick Legal Advisory provides services to both landlords and tenants in residential tenancy disputes. 

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