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Human Rights Law

Battick Legal Advisory supports individuals who are challenged by discrimination on any of the protected grounds in Ontario’s Human Rights Code and the Canadian Human Rights Act. We also advise and defend businesses in human rights-related litigation by providing advice on their rights and obligations in this complex area of law.


Human rights issues often arise within education, and we pair our scopes of expertise to address problems in this specific context. We have a special interest in anti-racist human rights advocacy, particularly in the area of anti-Black racism. We also have experience working against human rights issues posed by large public sector employers.

Humans rights laws give everyone in Ontario equal rights and opportunities without discrimination in five social areas that include housing, employment, contracts, services, unions, and vocational associations. These areas are protected from discrimination by Ontario’s Human Rights Code. The Ontario Human Rights Code specifically protects individuals from 11 forms of discrimination called prohibited grounds. These include; race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status family status, disability, and gender identity or expression.


Individual Impact and Social Change

Our approach to human rights matters looks at the impact of norms, behaviours, policies, and practices that extend from personal to professional. In doing so, our advocacy seeks to provide remedy for not only our clients, but for the systemic social issues that affected them. We actively leverage our community networks to support clients who may often feel vulnerable and isolated because of traumatizing events involving discrimination. 

Thoughtful, Collaborative, and Detailed

We collaborate with clients and are actively engaged in their stories and perspectives. We see our clients are a source of context and knowledge as we jointly approach their legal issues. Clients are often challenged as to how to articulate discriminatory behaviours that are often not overt, but are vividly felt and experienced. We take the time to fully understand and appreciate your specific circumstances.

Uniquely, we provide thoughtful and significant insights and analysis into clients’ initial applications. The application is your story about how you have been wronged. This is the narrative that the human rights tribunal and the responding party review, and we see it as the most important part of the process. Depending on how you frame your application, you are able to provide your story with supporting evidence all along the way. We are focused on these important details, as particular nuances illustrate discrimination. 

Battick Legal Advisory's scope of services include advice and representation for:

Advancing and Defending Human Rights Issues In:

  • Courts

  • Administrative Law Hearings

  • Human Rights Tribunals

  • Labour Grievance Procedures

Designing and Drafting:

  • Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policies

  • Education, Training, and Media Commentary on Human Rights Issues

  • Issues on Anti-Black Racism in Public Institution

Workplace Investigations:

  • Offering Fact-Finding and Investigative Services Concerning Human Rights

  • Making Determinations of Merits of Human-Rights Based Complaints and Assisting in the Resolution of Complex Disputes in Educational Settings

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