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Notary Public and Document Review

A notary public is a person designated by a provincial government or pertinent regulatory body who is in charge of administering oaths, authenticating legal documents, contracts, and copies, and taking affidavits and declarations on legal matters.


As a notary public, we are able to draw, attest, or certify under our official seal, deeds and other documents including wills, powers of attorney and other conveyances. This process is needed for individuals for various reasons, and organizations often require a signature and/or an official seal by a notary public or commissioner of oaths to render them acceptable.

It is important to have a practitioner trained in the drafting and execution of legal documents to ensure no errors are made, considering the importance of these types of documents. We are able to function as an official witness for contract execution, finalization of contract agreements and other legal documents. We also offer a wide range of legal services that entail brief document reviews and drafting.


You may need a lawyer for simple administrative matters that are expeditious in nature. We are able to provide professional and experienced document reviews drafting.  As a notary public I can be relied on for the most important documents that must be certified


Virtual commissioning is now available. We are able to provide these services remotely to ensure that you may have your documents verified quickly and efficiently.

Battick Legal Advisory’s scope of services include advice and representation for:

  • Notarizing of Documents

  • Statutory Declaration

  • Commissioning Oaths and Affidavits

  • Drafting Affidavits

  • Document Review: Assessing Different Kinds of Privilege That May Arise When Reviewing Documents, as Part of the Process of Determining Documents That May Become the Subject of Privilege; Considering and Organising  Documents Based Upon Relevance

  • Certifying True Copies of Original Documents such as Degrees, Diplomas, Certificates, Wills, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates

  • Administer Oaths

  • Affidavits of Service

  • Name Change Affidavits for Child or Adult in the Province of Ontario

  • Gender Change Affidavits

  • Transfer of Vehicle Ownership Affidavit Including Vehicles Sworn Statement in Case of Family Gift in Ontario

  • Divorce Affidavits

  • OSAP Application Affidavits for Relationship Status and Other Issues

  • Relationship Status Affidavits for Common Law Relationships, Marriage and Separations

  • Income Affidavits

  • Invitation Letters for Visitors to Canada

  • Letters of Consent for Children to Travel Abroad in a Single or Shared Custody Situations

  • Draft Promissory Notes, Waivers, Contracts, Leases and Other Agreements

  • Contracts: Preparation of Simple Contracts and Agreements

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Authentications

  • Mobile Notary Services (in Selective Cases)

  • Witnessing Agreements and Certifying Signatures

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