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Alternative Dispute Resolution

When traditional litigation proves to be neither efficient nor practical, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques offer an effective pathway to resolve disputes. Battick Legal Advisory is experienced in a range of ADR methods, allowing for tailored solutions to each unique case. We specialize in mediation and arbitration, as well as other methods.


Mediation is a voluntary dispute resolution process that brings disputing parties together in a confidential setting to foster dialogue and negotiate an agreement. At its core, mediation aims to achieve mutually satisfactory resolutions wherein both parties have an equal say in the outcome.

At Battick Legal Advisory, our mediation process begins with a comprehensive case assessment. This is followed by separate preparatory sessions with each party to understand their stance and objectives. We then facilitate structured, time-bound mediation sessions aimed at negotiating a mutually beneficial resolution.

Our mediators serve as impartial facilitators, guiding the conversation and suggesting viable solutions without imposing decisions. Our approach is particularly effective in preserving ongoing relationships between the parties, whether they are employers and employees, educational institutions and students, or other stakeholders within the public and private sectors.

Our focus on open communication extends beyond the mediation session. We often provide post-mediation follow-up to ensure the agreed-upon terms are effectively implemented, allowing us to gauge the lasting impact of our intervention.

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Arbitration involves a third-party arbitrator who listens to each party's case and then makes a binding decision. Iit serves as an alternative to court litigation and is generally faster and less formal. Arbitration can be either voluntarily agreed upon by both parties or required by pre-existing contracts.

At Battick Legal Advisory, our arbitration services take an exhaustive, meticulous approach. We begin by collecting all necessary documents, witness accounts, and other evidence. Following this, an arbitration hearing is scheduled where both parties can present their case. Our experienced arbitrators then review the evidence, consider the legal merits, and deliver a reasoned decision, which can be legally binding or non-binding based on the agreement between the parties.

With deep expertise in various sectors, our team is well-versed in specialized arbitration needs, from workplace disputes, human rights issues, to conflicts within the public sector. We strive for a process that is both transparent and efficient, without compromising the integrity and fairness that our clients expect.

Within the realm of ADR, Battick Legal Advisory offers a wide array of services tailored to the unique needs of each case. These services may include:

  • Case Assessment: Detailed analysis of the dispute to determine the most effective resolution strategy.

  • Pre-ADR Counseling: Comprehensive guidance to prepare parties for the ADR process.

  • Enforcement: Assistance with the enforcement of ADR agreements and awards.

  • ADR Process Design: Customization of the ADR process to suit the specific circumstances of the case.

  • Representation: Skilled advocacy during ADR proceedings.

Resolve Your Disputes Efficiently and Amicably

Discover a tailored approach to conflict resolution. Schedule your session with Battick Legal Advisory today.

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