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Landlord and Tenant Law

Battick Legal Advisory provides services to both landlords and tenants who need support in residential tenancy disputes. The relationship between landlord and tenant is binding, and thus should involve experienced, learned, legal advice.

Lead lawyer Alex Battick is a board member of a non-profit housing board and is intimately familiar with the issues that landlords and tenants face. With the ability to understand the breadth and scope of issues afflicting each party, we are positioned to effectively advocate for both groups.

We make regular appearances before the Landlord and Tenant Board and know the importance of strategic thinking, resourcefulness, and preparation required to succeed for my clients.


Our work may include drafting affidavits, motions to set aside an ex-parte order, payment agreements, requests to amend an order, requests to extend or shorten time, adjournment applications, and requests to re-open an application.

Battick Legal’s scope of services include advice and representation for:


  • Non-Payment of Rent

  • Interfering With Others, Damage or Overcrowding

  • Illegal Acts

  • Causing Serious Problems in the Rental Unit

  • Landlord, Purchaser or Family Member Requires the Rental Unit

  • Demolishing, Repairing or Converting the Rental Unit


  • Tenant Rights

  • Repairs and Maintenance

  • Bad Faith Evictions

  • Whether the Act Applies

  • Rebate From Landlord

  • Rent Reduction

  • Sublet or Assignments

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