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Battick Legal Advisory Supporting Resilience in Underserved Youth

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Community has given me so many opportunities and experiences I hold dearly. The generosity and patience of the most thoughtful people I know, undoubtedly helped me develop skills and resilience to get me where I am today. Through programs that offered mentorship, opportunities to volunteer and develop new skills, or staff that helped us appreciate our connectedness and dependencies on each others success — the power of community is palpable.

That’s why Battick Legal Advisory is proud to support Generation Chosen and its thoughtful, creative, and unique programming; these funds will be used to support resiliency in young people by developing emotional intelligence and addressing past and current traumas, especially for those in underserved neighbourhoods disproportionately impacted by the ongoing global pandemic.

I want to highlight that this powerful work is being done by talented, young and Black individuals.

In Toronto, throughout Ontario and definitely across Canada, there are many Black creators, leaders and entrepreneurs supporting one another to ensure that the margins we have historically been pushed to are a thing of the past; the ability to lift each other up, and support each other’s visions and dreams is what makes Black history month so meaningful to me. It’s our intention at Battick Legal Advisory to stand for something in society, and support community where and when we can — especially since community continues to support us.


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